This is an opening project via which the Stichting will introduce itself to the community, specifically on this occasion to the inhabitants of Den Haag. Its central idea is to combine workshops with public presentations -where the workshops are inspired from an artistic event and experience- and through which artists and the audience establish a creative dialogue.

On this occasion, the project will be shaped in five stages:

1. Presentation of a theatrical multidisciplinary performance called Zoom, created by the argentinean artist Luz Lassizuk, artistic director of CREËREN.  This piece focuses on the idea that landscapes have an impact on people and their lives. The play is a monologue with off-stage voices, sounds of nature and images of the landscapes screened live. The body of the actress is covered by miniature landscapes and the text refers to the lives of the people who inhabit them and their stories. The actress focuses the camera live on the different miniature scenarios over her body. The sounds during the narration help recreate the landscape with the aid of the senses. It is a play that seeks to fine-tune the sensory aspect through a combination of images, sounds, narration and performance.

In the same way as men are transformed by the landscapes, Zoom may also be regarded as a trip through different scenarios and the people living there, their thoughts and feelings, and the echoes reverberating in the audience. The stripped staging has a purpose: that the audience let themselves be engaged by the text, the sounds and the images. The work aims at stimulating the perception of the audience.

That being said, the first stage of the Creëen opening project would be presenting this theatrical piece. The event will be open for everyone who is interested, with special emphasis on access by those sectors that generally do not participate in this type of cultural event.

After the sharing of the piece, the audience will be able to talk with the artists involved in the project. They will dismantle the creation process, explaining the different procedures used to build the piece.

2. Interdisciplinary workshops open for the audience. 

The idea of these workshops is both to engage the audience in a collective creation process using their own stories as a basis, as well as fomenting an opportunity for people to become involved with others. Since the proposal will be directed to people with different backgrounds the workshop will function as a moment to share, to integrate, to collaborate.

During the workshop the participants will take the piece Zoom as inspiration and will be asked to write their own stories from the landscapes that were significant in their lives. For those who are foreigners, this will be an opportunity to go back with their imagination to those places they love and to share their experiences with others. For those who have been born in the Netherlands, the approach will be different since they are closer to the landscapes they will talk about.

The multiple activities of the workshop will consist of:

Movement Activities

Oriented to connect people with their feelings, their memories. Moreover, since the body is the “instrument” we have to connect with other people, the first part of the workshop will aim to sensitize the body and encourage openness towards others.

Writing Activities

Through different instructions participants will be guided to write about their landscapes and stories. Although the creation of these texts are the final goal of this stage, the activities are intended to give people some basic tools to improve their creative writing skills.

Visual Activities

Consisting in using disposable material to create miniature landscapes.

Musical Activities

Exercises on sonic memories both in a concrete and in a metaphorical way with the goal of using those sounds in the artistic outcome.

Due to the length of each theme/topic it will be necessary to divide the different parts of the workshop in different days. 

It is important to say that those days will be interconnected which implies that participants are committed to attend to all of them in order to access the third phase of the project. Participants can choose to work individually or collectively.

  1. Creation of a new piece. Inspired in the structure of the original piece “Zoom”, the participants will create a new piece using the material obtained in the classes. The idea here is to build a piece collectively from their stories and landscapes. This phase of the project will consist both in the creation of the new piece of art and the rehearsals that will be necessary in order to show the work to the community.
  1. Public performance. Participants will show the results of their creations to the community. The performance (or performances) will not only show the result of the work but also promote the interchange between community members (from NL and foreigners). Intimacy and personal stories will be shared and bonding will be encouraged. Also after this performance, the audience will be able to talk with the creators about the process, the ideas, the emotions.
  1. Online documentation. Once the project is finished, the recording of the pieces created will remain online in order to give continuity to the linkage between stakeholders.

This project is aimed to take place during May, June and July 2022

All the activities above mentioned will be coordinated by Luz Lassizuk, Frèdèrique van Dijk, Yolanda Uriz and Ezequiel Menalled.


To attend the play ZOOM, get your tickets here:

ZOOM Saturday 28th May 3.30pm

ZOOM Saturday 28th May 8.00 pm

 Ph: Soledad Allami